Providing support of solid platforms for PET Radiopharmacy Operations worlwide.

Trasis, Tracerlab, Synthera, Synthra, MPS and more.

Our independent affiliations help you select the synthesis platforms that provide you with security, economy, versatility, repeat-ability. and durability. Support unsurpassed to design around "your" needs. Acceptance around the world, systems that are registered in Japan, referenced in Europe, and proven in US, platforms of quality which sustain the rigors of regulators worldwide and provide their end users with accountability and performance. CycloSmith can aide you at many levels on many systems. Ask us how.


Intending to generate isotopes on site requires a properly working cyclotron. Do you have a dedicated molecule you will make or desire to position one for translational development? Facility design and support needs should be addressed up front or they can become costly down the road. Our experience can be put to use from a turn key to narrow aspect of your project. We have proven experience to help you succeed. 70 MeV? 7 MeV? Zr89 or Cu64? Targets that perform? Call us to explore your needs.



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