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Providing solid platforms for PET Radiopharmacy Operations


ORA Neptis

Synthesis platforms that provide you with security, economy, versatility, repeat-ability. and durability. Factory support unsurpassed with an open platform for designing "your" needs. Acceptance around the world, registered in Japan, referenced in Europe, and proven in US, the ORA Neptis platform has a genesis from quality which sustains the rigors of regulators worldwide and provides end users with accountability and performance.

Molecule Design

April 12, 2025

Neptis Designer

An open and free platform to speed your development by providing a virtual platform to create the platform of your best work.

CycloSmith and our partners can help you create a world changing impact.

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Platform of Choice

April 12, 2025

Pick the platform you need and implement success at every point. Choose your reagent supplier, pick the vendor of your consumables, Neptis provides you the freedom to select.

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New Generations, New Diseases, Proven Results

April 12, 2025

ORA Neptis company remains flexible to provide you with the best solution to your needs. Our platform of software can adapt to run most any hardware platform currently used. You decide how best to proceed and we are ready to help.

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