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Unlocking the Mysteries of PET Radiopharmacy Operations

Our History

Our People
The founder of CycloSmith is David Smith, he has worked in healthcare since 1978, starting out as a teen working as a housekeeper in a 120 bed hospital in his hometown. He obtained a degree in Biomedical Equipment Technology in 1984 and began his career at Washington Hospital Center in Washington, DC. (Now Medstar).Through his position in the Biomedical Engineering Department, he initiated his experience in molecular imaging supporting SPECT imaging scanners in 1987. In 1991 after discussing opportunities with a world reknow Heath Physicist (Dr. Fred Fahey), he took a position as a support engineer with Siemens Medical installing and maintaining Siemens RDS-112/RDS-111 Cyclotrons and was a primary support engineer for two academic institutes, Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC and Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston Salem, NC. He had the opportunity to travel supporting operations from Massachusetts General Hospital to Emory University. In 1995 he left Siemens to take a position as a Clinical Engineer supporting operations within the PET Center of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. At the time of its opening, the PET Center was the largest facility dedicated to PET with over 12,000 sqft of space. During his tenure there he was involved in many published studies dealing with either the radiochemical synthesis of novel PET ligands or the subsequent imaging of those compounds in both animals and humans. His training also included maintaining and troubleshooting PET imagers from Siemens, GE or Concorde Microsystems in addition to 1.5T MRI systems from GE. In 2001 he left the hospital for a position with GE Healthcare as a high level support engineer responsible for new system installation, training and optimization of TRACERlab Radiochemistry systems, their 16.5 MeV cyclotrons, and other associated services.
While intending to always challenge himself and expand his experience in the field of Positron Emission Tomography radiolabeling chemistries, cyclotron operations and imaging applications, he took a position with UPPI (largest group consortium of independently owned nuclear pharmacies), as GM of technical operations in UPPI-PET. His next career step took him to IBA Molecular as Director of Technical Services for their Americas operations. All of which lead to formation of CycloSmith. Thirty years of technical support surrounding medical imaging culimanates into an experience  unsurpassed in the industry.
Our Company
Forming CycloSmith in 2009 as he was contracted to support the operations of independent commercial cyclotron facilities within the membership of United Pharmacy Partners Incorporated, UPPI. Provided services to Precision Nuclear of Johnson City, TN, Shertech Pharmacy of Duncan, SC, Essential Isotopes of Columbia, MO, Valley Nuclear of McAllen, TX, Cyclotope of Houston, TX, UCSF of San Francisco, CA, and Positron of Denver, CO. Also collaborating with Biotech and Triad Isotopes while they were members of UPPI. CycloSmith maintains close communication with GE Healthcare, Siemens Medical, IBA, Eckert Ziegler, Rotem, BioScan, Raytest, Neptis, LabLogic and various other analytical device and service providers. We have been involved with advancing the utilization of Bruce Technologies targetry for GE, IBA, and Siemens RDS-111 cyclotrons. We have moved and re-commisioned four cyclotrons and prepare to move our fifth unit.
Our Partners
CycloSmith is the Americas representative for ORA Neptis products. We handle all aspects of installation, validation, service, and support for their products. CycloSmith has continued to particpate in forums with the FDA, ISPE, various state agencies and industry organizations such as SNMMI, ASNC, and APHA.

Molecule Translation


So you've developed your target. What's your desired isotope? Cyclotron? Generator? Looking for contract manufacturing outlet or do you want to operate it yourself? Is it still in investigational stages? Do you need to secure your methods? Help with tech transfer? Are you looking to stay in  the US, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Europe, or work in all?

CycloSmith and their partners can help you create a world class operation built from value upwards.

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Cyclotron Facility Design Support


Over the 30 years of our experience, we have maintained strong relationships with both researchers and the equipment providers in the industry. Watching the concepts come to reality in many different focal areas like Neurology, Oncology, Cardiology. Worked with novel designers and commercial entities and in between. Distributing very short half life Ammonia, considering theranostics using Zirconium or operating from a generator. Alpha, Beta, Positron or Gamma, We handled projects for large and small footprints, big pharma to startup. Let us help establish you on the best platform and footprint for your vision.

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New Generations, New Diseases, Proven Results


The more we know the more we realize all that we don't know. Eliminate the lag to answer those questions by seeking the advise from someone with over 30 years in the field.

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Services: Research

Providing solid platforms for PET Radiopharmacy Operations


Platforms for Development or Commercialization?

Synthesis platforms vary from simple to complex, expensive to luxurious. What sustains the rigors of regulators worldwide and provides end users with accountability and performance? We can help you decide the best platform for your needs.


Molecule Design


What's out there?

Do you want an open and free platform to speed your development or do you want to secure much of the intellectual property that sets you apart from the rest. By providing a virtual platform to create the platform of your best work or locking it down in the consumables required to produce, find out the merits with experience.

CycloSmith and our partners can help you create a world changing impact.

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Platform of Choice


Pick the platform you need and implement success at every point. Choose your reagent supplier, pick the vendor of your consumables, Some provide you the freedom to select. Want to control all aspects of your productions? Some provide both the instrumentation and the consumables enabling a single source supply chain, streamlining and minimizing variations which could impact performance. Hybrid models iPhase, Synthera, Synthra, Sumitomo, GE, all provide aspects beneficial in some fashion or another. We can help you decide.

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Scientist in the Lab

New Generations, New Diseases, Proven Results


Make sure the partner you select to work with remains flexible to provide you with the best solution to your needs. Our experiences on platforms, consumables or software can aide you to become first to market. We consult with you to help decide how best to proceed and we are committed to your success.

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Services: Research

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